Sunday Services

9:00 am – Confessions

9:30 am – Matins

10:00 am – Divine Liturgy

Services are held in English and Ukrainian. All-English services are held on the 2nd, 4th and 5th Sunday of each month.

Fellowship, coffee and lunch are scheduled for most Sundays.

St. Anthony's Parish Volunteer Lunch Roster

Lunch Roster Captains

August 2019

4    NO Lunch - Family Day long weekend

11  Pat Anderson

18  Patricia Zyha - lenten

25  Donna Reed - lenten

September 2019

1   NO Lunch - Labour Day long weekend

8   Dianne Bodnar

15 Kimberley Gutsche

22 Dobr. Kathy Yamniuk

29 Bernice Parchewsky

October 2019

6   Elizabeth Kinhnicki

13 NO Lunch - Thanksgiving

20 Charlene Boyko

27 NO Divine Liturgy - Hierarchical Divine Liturgy, St. John's Cathedral

Group assignments for each week include:

  • bring milk for coffee
  • ensure that cups and saucers are put out
  • make coffee, tea, and juice
  • prepare lunch and put it out when Liturgy ends
  • clean up after fellowship hour

Group captains should contact their group members by the Wednesday prior to the Sunday of their assigned date.

Convener: Charlene Boyko

Schedule Communicator: Donna Reed

We are seeking additional volunteers to come forward to help with Fellowship. Don't be shy! This is just one way to help our parish grow. Let's make Fellowship hour the best it can be. If nobody participates, Fellowship cannot be held.